Anxiety and panic attack test.

By doing this test you can evaluate anxiety and panic attack disorder. At the end of this test you get your score which can help you to understand whether you need psychology consultation or not. In case of not considering false positive, your positive score must be verified and evaluated by psychology consultants or Psychiatry.

Please be informed that your data will not be stored in this website.


Think about your feelings in past 1 month and answer questions honestly, which anxiety symptoms did you experience in last 1 month?

3-Heart palpitation
5-Chest pain
6- Difficult in breathing
8-Feeling of losing control
9- Vertigo
10-Numbness in limb
11-Fear of dying
12- Worry
13- Hot feeling
14-Unable of Relax
16- Feeling of being in unreal
17- Sleep problem
18- Feeling of faint
19-Avoid a situations because of stress
20- Trembling and sweating hands
21-Irritabale and agitated
22- Feeling of dizziness

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