Psychiatry tests


By doing this test you can evaluate Depression. At the end of this test you get your score which can help you to understand whether you need psychology consultancy or not. In case of not considering false positive, your positive score must be verified and evaluated by psychology consultants or Psychiatry.

Please be informed that your data will not be stored in this website.


Think about your feelings in last week and answer questions honestly, which symptoms did you experience in last week?

1- I am sad.

2- I work slowly.

3- I don’t have hope.

4- I have concentration problem.

5-I should do simple thing with lots of effort.

6- I am tired

7- I am agitated and irritable.

8- I am a guilty person.

9- I am loser.

10- I feel, I am a death person.

11- I think life has no value.

12- I think, how can I kill myself.

13- I feel trapped.

14- I feel depressed even good thing happen to me.

15- I have lost weight without Diet.

16- I have lost interest of in aspects of life.

17- I think negative.

18- I have difficulty making decision.