Psychiatry tests


By doing this test you can evaluate bipolar disorder. At the end of this test you get your score which can help you to understand whether you need psychology consultancy or not. In case of not considering false positive, your positive score must be verified and evaluated by psychology consultants or Psychiatry.

Please be informed that your data will not be stored in this website.


Pleas answer questions honestly.

1- Sometimes I am much more talkative than at other times.
2- I have periods where I feel really irritable.
3- There are large variations in the quality of my work depending on my mood.
4- I have periods of mental dullness and other periods of very creative thinking.
5- I have periods where I feel really optimistic and other times where I feel hopeless.
6-There have been times when I have felt both high and low at the same time.
7-There are times where I have a lot more interest in sex.
8-I have had periods of tearfulness and other times when I laugh excessively.
9-At times I feel really angry.
10- At times I am interested in being with people and at other times I want to be left alone .
11-You felt much more self-confident than usual.
12- There have been times when I was much more active or did many more things than usual.