About us

Welcome to our website, we are pleased that you chose us. We would like to inform you that you can by bellow mentioned options contact us for psychology consultation. Our method designed for Persians who leave outside Iran.

You can through our website book an appointment at proper time slot and then you can have direct consultation session with Skype, Zoom or what‘s app. You are able to book your appointment from all over the world and it is also possible to pay the consultation fee outside Iran.

Furthermore, our psychology tests are available for you free of charge in our website, it is possible for you to evaluate your psychology situation and in case you need help to improve it our service is always few clicks away from you.

We update regularly the content of our website in terms of common psychology disorder subjects in simple understandable language. In case you need inner medicine consultation, it will be also possible to book an appointment with us for this subject as well.

Our website is also available in Persian language and you can always get the latest informations in Persian language version as well.

Our main vision to create Pars Health Line website is to improve the quality of life of patients and enhance their level of knowledge in terms of psychology disorder and treat patients with latest psychology method.

Stay Happy and Healthy!